Epicinsanity is a freelance voice over talent, audio and podcast editor, podcast coach, and much much more! So if you are interesting if having him do some work for you, check him out on or fill out for the form below to get in contact with him!

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Epicinsanity’s Services:

Voice Over:

Epicinsanity will record your professional voice over in 24 hours or less! Epicinsanity is a native English speaking American with a warm, tenor/baritone voice. I have previously done voice work for explainer videos, whiteboard presentations, audiobooks, radio commercials, movie trailers, sales videos, podcast intros, and much much more.

Rates: $5 for up to 200 Words. $5 for every 100 extra words.

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Podcast Editing:

Epicinsanity has been editing podcasts for over 4 years, and will take the time to make sure your podcast sounds… EPIC!!! All of this will be done in 24 hours or less. Now thats fast service!

Rates: $5 for up to 15 minutes of audio. Purchase additional gigs for longer shows.

Detailed Editing: $5 per 15 minutes to remove filler words like ummm, ahhhs, youknows, etc.

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Audio Restoration: 

Epicinsanity will take your messy audio, clean it up, slap a new coat of paint on it and save your project from having to be re-recorded! Sample tests are always free to make sure your audio can be saved before you place an order!

Epicinsanity can remove the following from your audio file: Background noise, Microphone Crackle, Reverb, Hum, Hiss, Mouth Clicks, Pops, Breaths and much much more!

Rates: $5 per 15 minutes of audio. Extra gigs can be purchased in increments of 15 minutes.

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Podcast Coaching and Consultation: 

Over the years, Epicinsantiy has helped a lot of friends and clients get their podcasts off the ground. With MILLIONS of downloads of his own podcasts, he has had a very successful run and would love to help take your podcast to the next level!

Rates: $20 for all your questions, $25 to listen to & critique 15 minutes of your podcast, and $35 for both.

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