Are you looking for a podcast editor?

Are you just starting out as a podcaster and don’t know how to edit your show?

Or are you a veteran podcaster and hate editing your own show?

Well, let me help you out! As a freelance audio engineer, I specialize in spoken word podcast editing!

Here’s a little background for the new comers of my website:

I have been podcast editing for the last 5 years. It all started when I first started podcasting back in 2012 with my first podcast Epic Questions (A Blizzard Entertainment Question and Answer Podcast). And then turned into my full time job.

I am currently creating two different weekly podcasts of my own where I create every aspect of the show from planning to publishing. But I will be honest with you, the Frozen Nerdz podcast (An All Blizzard Entertainment Podcast) doesn’t get much editing. It takes me 15 mins or less to slap the files together, and send them off to the webhost.

Over the years, I have edited and published over 300 podcast episodes of my own, and have edited over 500 episodes for clients from around the world.

Editing Services I Offer:

Basic Editing:

For basic editing, I will remove background noise, balance the volume between hosts and tracks, add provided intro/outros/stingers/commercials, remove gaps of dead air and I will provide the file back to you in a HQ MP3. (This is all I do for Frozen Nerdz).

Detailed Editing:

For detailed editing, I take it to the next level. I will listen to each host/track and remove filler words (ummms, ahhh, youknows, etc.), breaths, and remove insane background noise (like a gas generator). For detailed editing, it requires more time and attention so it does cost more.

You can find out more about that here.

Audio Restoration:

Not only am I an audio engineer, I am also an audio wizard. I have access to some of the top of the line audio restoration software on the market (iZotope RX 6 Advanced- Cost: $1,199 USD) This software and my keen ear makes it so I can take even the worst sounding audio, and turn it into something people can listen to. I can remove insane background noise, pops from the microphone, reverb, clicks, and more.

And you can find out more about that service here.

Why You Should Pick Me?

You may be asking yourself, why should I choose you to be my podcast editor? It’s very simple. I am dedicated to the craft, experienced and very good at what I do. But don’t take my word for it, check out my reviews on my Fiverr page here. 

On Fiverr, I am a level two seller, with over 200+ perfect 5 star reviews. And counting. If I don’t get the edit right for your the first time, I will work with you to make sure everything is prefect before going forward. As your editor, my goal is to make the audio of your podcast the best that it can be for your audience. Because what good is a podcast if the listeners can’t HEAR you and your message.

My Process for Every Podcast:

1.) Run the files through iZotope RX6 de-noise to remove basic background noise.
2.) Export file and open in Adobe Audition.
3.) Use a Dynamic processor to remove slight background noise.
4.) Either use a Speech Leveler or hard limiter (both different forms of compression).
5.) Edit for content (Based on type of editing being paid for).
6.) Slap on the intro/outro, and/or music.
7.) Export as a 256kpbs 44100Hz stereo mp3 (unless otherwise requested).

If you want to talk to me directly about podcast editing, or if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out with me on Twitter, Fiverr, or fill out this form below.

I also work with a lot of clients on UpWork. If you are looking to hire me on there, contact me below and I will provide the link.

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