About Epicinsanity.

Who is Epicinsanity?

Ah, the age old question of who is Epicinsanity? Over the years, the answer to that question has changed. 4 years ago when this site was created Epicinsanity was just a gamer with too much time on his hands. This website consistent of ramblings about video games, outdoor sports, Twitter contests, and beyond. Epicinsanity.com started out as a blog, and has moved into so much more. Just like Epicinsanity himself. From novice podcast caster creating one podcast episode a week to having recorded hundreds of hours of audio, from that first download to over millions. From one project to three, and possibility even more by the time you read this.

Epicinsanity is a gamer through and through. From playing Duck Hunt and Mario Brothers on his NES as a child to becoming a competitive gamer in his late teens to becoming a video game content creator in his late twenties. Video games have been a staple within his life and that doesn’t seem to be slowing.

After creating the Epic Questions podcast in 2012, Epicinsanity fell in love with being behind a microphone. Teaching himself how to use Adobe Audition CS6 be slowly became pretty skilled with audio editing and creation. From there he has learned how to use various other audio creation and editing programs such as Garage Band, Audio Hijack Pro, Soundflower, and more. From the love of podcasting and Blizzard Entertainment games spawned the Frozen Nerdz Podcast that gave Epicinsanity the ability to talk about all the games he loves. Talking about World of Warcraft, Overwatch, StarCraft, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and Diablo each and every week has become more than a hobby, its become an obsession.


Games Epicinsanity is Currently Playing:

  • World of Warcraft
  • Overwatch
  • StarCraft
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Hearthstone
  • Diablo
  • basically anything Blizzard Entertainment creates….

Who is the person behind the microphone?

The person behind the microphone is a shy guy, who doesn’t like the world to know who he really is… Hence not using my real name! Epicinsanity is a college educated person with two Bachelor’s of Science Degree’s. One in Criminal Justice, and the other in Psychology. Outside of playing video games, Epic enjoys graphic design, video editing, photography, outdoor sports and spending quality time with friends.

Why “The Voice?”

From the years of podcasting and audio editing, many of people have said they enjoy hearing Epicinsanity speak. After finally accepting that he doesn’t sound like a nerdy James Earl Jones (He dreams his voice was that deep), he has begun doing freelance work in voice acting. Epicinsanity has offered his audio editing skill set and voice for several other podcasts, YouTube videos, and more.

Why “The Beard?”

Epicinsanity has a beard.



So Why Epicinsanity.com?

Epicinsanity.com is now the new home for all things Epic. Trying to keep track of all the different social media links, and updating all the other websites for project news and updates has become a full time task. Epicinsanity.com has been transformed into a landing page for everything Epicinsanity is currently and previously been working on. There are only so many characters you can type into a Twitter bio so Epicinsantiy.com gives him the freedom to showcase everything he does.